Production Unit Supervisor

Ponca City, OK


  • Arranges, directs, controls and monitors all unit activities within the production department for the purpose of maintaining and improving manufacturing processes, operating efficiencies, and product quality. 
  • Responsible for overseeing the quality of the product including monitoring adjustments, making recommendations for improvement and resolving issues when product is out of spec.
  • Initiate, direct and coordinate repairs to be made to Unit;
  • Provides daily training and mentorship to Operators for improvements to the Process.
  • Strong understanding of production process flows, temperatures, pressures, process technology,  equipment design and specifications. 
  • Knowledge in process control theory and techniques, control systems interfaces and configuration desirable;
  • Good communication skills (written and verbal) are required.



  • Operating log review:
    • Initially, each morning, review previous 24 hour operational reports for indications of process problems and quality concerns.
    • Provide prompt notification to appropriate department heads of all quality problems.
  • Unit Equipment inspections:
    • Objective: to maintain high mechanical unit operability. 
    • Frequency: Daily. (from charge pumps through reactor trains, collection, pelletizing, and drying, finished product conveying, to the storage tanks tops)
    • Frequency: Weekly Inspect and perform vibration analyzes on all high speed rotating equipment.
  • Process Improvement
    • With involvement of process engineer’s conduct appropriate surveys and studies (yields, pelletizing, reactor efficiencies, etc.) with objective of continuous unit improvement.
    • With Involvement of process engineer’s conduct hardware and equipment studies to determine need for modification and/or replacement of existing systems (i.e. MBF repressuring systems, pump selection/sizing, airlocks and drivers, pelletizing feed systems, etc.)
  • Housekeeping & EHS Inspections (Environmental, Health & Safety):
    • This activity to be incorporated into the unit equipment inspections.
    • Unit Supervisor is responsible for all personnel safety matters with his assigned unit(s).
    • Unit Supervisor responsibility for EHS matters will include policy and rule enforcement, personal protection equipment and procedures, and accident investigation.
  • Product Quality Involvement:
    • Unit Supervisor will be involved whenever two consecutive drum samples are tested out of specification. 
    • Unit Supervisor will report to his unit(s) if the quality has not been stabilized within 1.5-2.0 hours from the point listed above.
    • Unit Supervisor with Involvement of process engineer’s will review (AX) for unit SPC charting and assignable cause comments for process control improvements.
    • Unit Supervisor update, or redevelop, written standard for Safety and Operating guidelines (i.e., work instructs) for specific grades on each unit.  The objective being Safety First step on every job and operating within these guidelines on a continuing basis.
  • Maintenance and Project Involvement:
    • Unit Supervisor will interface with maintenance or contractors activities within his unit(s). 
    • Unit Supervisor will sign off on the work order form as acceptance of any repairs or work.
    • If satisfaction is not provided, the Unit Supervisor will immediately contact the appropriate maintenance supervisor or manager in order to get the unit’s standard established.
  • End of Workday Conditions:
    • Units that are in production, quality must be within specification or under the direction of the Inside/Outside Operator with communication to and from Unit Supervisor.
    • The Unit Supervisor will remain directly involved until the above condition is met.    
    • Scheduled maintenance downtime must be coordinated/arranged prior to end of work day.
    • The Unit Supervisor will not be allowed to delegate his responsibility for his unit(s) to the on call supervisor until the above conditions have been satisfied.
  • Unit Downtime Notification and Response Cycle:
    • Unit Supervisor is to be notified any time the oil is pulled from his unit for an expected period of time longer than 2 hours.
    • Unit Supervisor is to report to his unit if the downtime will exceed two hours duration due unsolved operational issues.
  • Personnel Training & Development:
    • Unit Supervisor will train his unit personnel in techniques, methods, and rules of SPC.
    • Unit Supervisor will critique unit personnel (operators) in their operating techniques.
    • Training goal: to define specific training needs, obtain such, and develop technique continuity between all shits to minimize process variability.
  •   Report Generation (Weekly and Monthly Cycles):
    • Provide unit operating efficiency conditions on each grade run.
    • Provide operating status production efficiencies, production capacity forecasts, quality parameters and improvement plans, system (unit) deficiencies.




  • Equipment and process inspections require walking, climbing, touching and smelling.  Visual requirements are necessary to accomplish inspections, review appropriate records, plant emission point verifications, and confirm process parameters.  Lifting requirements are principally in assisting operators with normal duties and field testing exercises.
  • Process equipment produces a significant quantity of radiant heat; internal inspections are also high heat atmospheres. Large motors, air compressors, and process equipment can produce high noise levels.